Free Exercises to Flatten Stomach While Toning That Stubborn Mid-Section

Free Exercises to Flatten Stomach While Toning That Stubborn Belly

Free exercises to flatten stomach while toning

There are many exercises designed to tone the stomach area. Your first goal should be to lose stomach fat by eating a healthy diet and by performing regular cardiovascular exercise, which can be anything from walking to running 30 minutes a day, 3 to 4 days a week.

Next, perform the following free exercises to flatten the stomach. The good thing about these exercises it they can be done anytime from the comfort of your home.

The Bicycle Crunch:

• Lie flat on the floor pressing your lower back to the ground.

• Place your hands beside your head as you would with regular sit-ups.

• Lift your knees to a 45-degree angle.

• Follow a slow bicycle pedal motion with your legs.

• Keeping your hands beside your head, alternately touch your elbows to the opposite knees as you perform the bicycle motion.

• Be sure to breathe regularly throughout the exercise.

• Perform 3 sets with as many intervals as you feel comfortable with.

An exercise ball is an excellent tool to have for many varieties of fitness routines and is essential for performing the next set of free exercises to flatten the stomach area.

Abdominal Crunches:

• Begin by sitting on the exercise ball.

• Move your body forward until your back is over the ball and your hips are just off of the ball.

• Place your hands behind your head and your feet shoulder-width apart.

• Crunch forward by lifting your shoulder blades off of the ball making sure that your lower body remains still. Hold this position for a second before lowering yourself back down.

• Begin with 3 sets of 12 and work your way up as you gain strength.

Oblique Crunches:

• Begin with the same starting position as described above for the abdominal crunches.

• Crunch forward by lifting your shoulder blades off of the ball. This time, you will twist your body to one side when you are halfway up, hold the position for a second, and lower yourself back to the starting position.

• Repeat moving your body to the same side. You will do this 10-20 times on the same side before resting and then performing the same exercise twisting your body in the opposite direction.

When using free exercises to flatten stomach muscles, it is important to rotate between routines in order to hit different stomach muscle groups.

By performing these free exercises for a flat stomach three to four times a week along with cardiovascular exercise, you will begin to notice your stomach area becoming trimmer and tone.

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