Fun and Free Exercises For a Flat Stomach

Simple, Fun and Free Exercises For a Flat Stomach

Free Exercises For a Flat Stomach

Everybody would like to have that ripped abs but at what cost? Truth is you don’t have to drop a dime to go to the gym or get that best-selling work-out machine to flatten your stomach.

All you need is to maximize the resources that you already have and follow our free exercises to weigh less and tighten your stomach. Spending to stay fit is indeed overrated!

Walking and Running

Breathe in the fresh air outdoors as you engage in walking and running exercises to lose weight. This is your potent weapon against accumulating fat anywhere in the body like the stomach. It is important to understand that in your goal to flatten your belly, you must reduce the fat from the whole body.

Choose a favorite park in your area to fully enjoy these exercises free of charge! Walking or running from 20 minutes to an hour four times a week definitely speeds up the breakdown of your food.

Lose the Fat

With our list of free exercises, you don’t have to buy those famous weight loss books or videos to flatten your stomach. You can perform these easy exercises and achieve incredible results in the comforts of your own home.

Try These Free Exercises For a Flat Stomach:

Squat & Climb - This is a combination of squatting and climbing exercises for a more intense stomach work-out. Face the floor and assume a push-up position. From outstretched legs, bend them forward by doing a slight jump with your hands staying on the floor.

Then stretch them out again and repeat this 10-15 times. Follow this with the mountain climb by alternating your legs in and out. Not only does this target the abdomen but it is a great alternative for outdoor cardio exercise since you can do it on a limited space. You get the same results of flattening the stomach by burning calories.

Cross-legged Crunch - This offers a slight variation to the regular crunch. Assume the usual position of a crunch but cross your right leg over the left. Your right ankle should be resting on the left knee while doing a crunch. You can do oblique crunches by pulling your left shoulder towards the right knee.

For further stomach muscle contraction, try to lift the left leg with your left calf parallel to the floor while performing crunches. Remember to use your abs to lift your upper body and not your hands on the head which could lead to straining your neck.

Chair Leg Lifts - Sit on a steady chair and hold onto the side arms. Slightly lean back but do not arch, then bend both knees towards your chest. Slowly put them back down without resting on the floor.

Repeat this 10 – 20 times to feel the burn in your stomach. Try doing the same exercise with one leg after another, similar to a bicycle crunch but in a sitting position.

Hopefully, with these fun, free exercises for a flat stomach, you can start forming your own daily routine even at home.

With consistency and enthusiasm, you’ll soon find exercising as an effortless activity not only for your stomach but for your entire body.

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