Exercises That Burn Stomach Fat

Follow This Advice to Strip Away That Unwanted Fat

Looking for exercises that burn stomach fat? Well commitment to a healthy lifestyle is key to shedding that flab which shadows your every move. The struggle to burn excess fat has been a growing concern for many Americans leading to numerous fitness videos, weight-centered television shows, and expensive cosmetic surgeries. Most of the recommended exercises or procedures focus on the favorite spot of every frustrated gym goer, the stomach.

Heat Up the Heart

exercises that burn stomach fat - treadmill

By now, it is a known fact that losing stomach fat is not easy unless you’re blessed with fortunate genes. One of the most effective ways to burn calories whether in the stomach or any part of the body is by raising your heart rate.

There are numerous exercises that burn stomach fat but cardiovascular exercises provide optimum benefits for the whole body as it hastens your metabolism while strengthening your muscles and organs especially the heart. Even after your workout is done, your body is still burning fat.

How to Do it?

early morning walk to burn stomach fat

You can achieve this even without paying for a gym and trainer. Wake up early in the morning or go out during your lunch break for a 30-minute walk or jog. You can extend to an hour and alternate it with other aerobic exercises within the week such as biking, jumping rope or any sport like tennis and swimming.

This way your regimen won’t be monotonous, thus increasing your motivation to engage in different fat reducing exercises from three to five times a week.

The Intense Game

interval training to burn stomach fat

Making your day more results-driven is by mixing a high intensity routine with your moderate intensity cardio exercises. This is done through interval training where energy is exerted at a greater level than usual followed by a time of recovery. With high intensity training, you can burn more fat in a shorter period of time.

While on the treadmill, you can start at your normal pace for a minute then pick it up by running faster for 3 minutes then slow down again for a minute. Repeat this several times and apply it to different activities for successful high intensity interval exercises.

Build Your Strength

build muscle to burn stomach fat

Building your muscles allows for faster metabolism, thus less fat in your belly. Instead of the stomach area, your calories will prioritize going to the muscles when you do strength training.

Popular exercises include lunges, bench press, leg press, biceps or triceps curl, dead lifts, and squats with the appropriate barbell or dumbbells. You can use an exercise ball and elastic band for exercise diversity.

Abdomen Core

doing crunches to burn stomach fat

If you can’t get out of the false mind-set of doing crunches to burn stomach fat, then simply add such strength training exercises for the abdomen. Whether lying on the floor or standing up, you can tone your abs by doing reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, and sitting on the captain’s chair to contract your rectus abdominis and obliques.

Dedication to a balanced work-out that includes all these plus consistent intake of healthy food can turn a dream physique into a fitting reality.

Please come back as I will be consistently adding more information on exercises that burn stomach fat.

Stay Focused!

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