Quick Workout Routine to Get You Started In the Morning

I am going to go over a quick workout routine that you can do in the mornings that will speed up your metabolism, allowing you to burn more belly fat throughout the day.

This quick exercise routine is not difficult, but getting yourself in the zone to consistently do it will be the key to success.

The good thing about this routine is that you can literally do them by your bed side.

Quick Workout Routine to Rev Up Your Metabolism in The Mornings

The below exercises are to be done consecutively from one into the other. If it is easier, jot down the exercise routine below so it will be easier to follow. Refer back to the videos and instructions below as needed.

1. Walk in place/March in Place - 60 seconds

2. Seated Crossovers – 60 Seconds

Just so you know...it's not about looking good as you will see in my pictures below when I was trying the seated crossovers for the first time.

If you notice....you can get them accomplished even with a little distraction.

seated crossovers seated crossovers

A. Sit at the end of the chair feet flat on the floor. Be sure to sit upright with a long spine. Position your arms at 90 degrees, bringing your elbows in line with your chest, your forearms perpendicular to the floor, and your fingers toward the ceiling.

B. As you begin, exhale as you bring your left elbow and right knee toward one another. Next, bring your elbow and knee back to the starting position. Repeat with your right elbow and left knee, alternating between those positions.

3. Mountain Climbers – 60 Seconds

4. Jumping Jacks – 60 Seconds

Okay, the so the regular jumping jacks were too easy? You can always substitute them for these Jumping Jacks With a Twist

5. Plank – 30 Seconds

6. Walk in place/March in Place - 60 seconds

7. Bicycle Crunches – 60 Seconds

The above quick workout routine can be done in less than 7 minutes in the morning. It is also just one of the routines that I do in the morning before jumping in the shower.

Feel free to substitute exercises according to your fitness level. The key to success is getting your body moving at a brisk pace before your start your day.

Circuit training in the morning will rev up your metabolism that will keep burning your belly fat throughout the day.

You have a morning routing that has been working for you? Please let me know so I can share it here on the site.

Stay Focused!

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