How to Do the Reverse Crunch

Step by Step With Video

how to do the reverse crunch

Here is step by step on how to do the reverse crunch. There are a huge variety of abdominal exercises, but after trying this exercise it may quickly become one of your favorites.

It is fairly easy to do and it gets results. I would recommend that you give this flat stomach exercise a try when putting together your routine.

Are you looking for something that targets the lower rectus abdominis? Well the movement created during this ab workout focuses and targets that area of your stomach. The normal crunch works this same muscle but targets the upper area a bit more.

This is why it is so important to create an effective abs workout plan that will cover all the muscles of your stomach.

I will keep saying this, but be sure to mix up your abdominal routine by incorporating new and challenging exercises routinely. If your muscles get use to a particular movement and motion, it will eventually plateau.

Below you will find the step by instructions and video on how to properly perform the Reverse Crunch.

How to Do the Reverse Crunch

Getting Ready

• Lie on your back – Keep your knees bent and feet on the floor

• Place hands on the floor or behind the head. Whichever is the most comfortable for you


• Bring your knees up towards the chest so they bend about 90 degrees

• Focus on contracting your abs as you lift your hips off the floor

• Slowly lower your legs to the starting position

• Continue until you finish the set

Reverse Crunch Video Instructions

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