How to Do a Side Plank - Step by Step with Video

how to do a side plank

How to Do a Side Plank

You have probably heard of the side plank or plank exercise, but have you tried it yet?

This exercise is one of the best for targeting your oblique muscles (or love handles!). This is not only my opinion, but in recent studies, it was listed in the top five for targeting and working the oblique abdominal muscles.

What I like about this exercise, is that it targets your oblique muscles but in order to maintain the plank position you have to engage your entire core muscles.

This is awesome for the total overall strengthening of the core of muscles that help with things such as proper posture.

In order to achieve total fitness, you can’t just work your abdominal muscles without strengthening your surrounding muscles (back, hips, hamstrings, etc). If you neglect these other muscles it will leave you vulnerable to conditions such as back pain and poor posture.

The side plank is shown below, but you will also learn that there are a lot of variations that you can incorporate into your routine as you begin to strengthen your oblique muscles and core.

How to Do a Side Plank - Step by Step Instructions with Video

Getting Ready

• Lay on your side with your right arm on the ground and your legs extended. Position your feet one on top of the other, making them parallel. Position your elbow directly under your shoulder. Try to align your head with your spine, hips and knee.


• Lift yourself up with your elbow and form a plank with your body. Your knees and hips should be lifted off of the floor with only your elbow and side of your foot touching the floor. Be sure to keep your elbow positioned directly underneath your shoulder.

• Hold this position for 10-12 seconds (repeat three times then switch to your other side)

• As you get stronger, you can increase time or advance to a more advanced move.

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