The Smart Choice: Exercises for Toning the Stomach

Are you looking for a way to tighten your abs, or make your stomach flatter?  Proper exercises and dieting techniques are the only answer to your constant struggle. Here are a few things you can do in toning that stomach.

Bicycle Crunch

Research has shown that this is one of the best exercises to flatten the stomach. Just follow these simple steps:
•    Lie down flat on the floor, making sure your lower back is pressed on the ground.
•    Position your hands behind your head. Lift up one knee to a 90-degree angle with the floor and the other leg extended.
•    Slowly lift your body using the strength of your abs, bringing your right elbow to your left knee.
•    Do this move alternately, bringing your left elbow to your right knee.
•    Continue twisting back and forth, like going through a bicycle pedal motion.

Vertical Leg Crunch

This exercise is one of the most effective routines to build up the abdomen and the obliques:
•    Lie flat on your back and extend your legs straight up.
•    For support, place your hands at the back of your head. Be careful not to pull your neck.
•    Contract your abs to lift your shoulder blades off the floor.
•    Remember to keep your chin up and legs in a fixed and straight position.
•    Lower and perform 12-16 repetitions.

V-sit Abdominal Workout

This exercise is one of the most physically demanding, and yet one of the most effective exercises for toning the abs, obliques plus the lower back muscles:

•    Start in a seated position on the floor, contracting your abdominal muscles.
•    Lift your legs up to a 45-degree angle.
•    Stretch your arms straightforward or reach up toward your shins.
•    Make sure you maintain a strong spine and good posture.
•    Hold this “V” position for a few seconds, and continue to hold the position longer.
•    Slowly return to your original position.
•    Before you reach the floor, hold that position for several seconds.
•    Repeat all the movements several times.

Long Arm Crunch

If you want to focus on the upper portion of your stomach, this is the right kind of exercise for you:

•    Lie down on a mat and stretch out your arms over your head. Ensure that your hands are clasped, your arms kept near your ears.
•    Contracting your stomach muscles, lift your shoulders off the floor.
•    Lower your shoulders and do 1 to 3 sets of 12-16 repetitions.
•    Keep your arms straight to avoid injuring your neck.

Always remember that you do not need to perform all of the exercises. Just learn to select those that work best for you. Exercise is not enough in toning your stomach, it would also take proper diet and nutrition to have a holistic health empowerment.

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