Exercises for the Lower Abdomen

Simple Lower Abdomen Exercises that Work

Simple Exercises for the Lower Abdomen

Excercises for the lower abdomen

If you look closely, majority of stomach fat is stored in the lower region of our abdomen. From the navel down, you can probably trace the bulging shape that hides your lower abdominal muscles.

There are countless types of exercises that target this specific area. Just like the crunch for the upper abdomen, lower abs exercises mainly utilize the legs, hips, and pelvic area. Here are some of the most basic and effective exercises to transform your tummy trouble into a highly-defined section.

Exercises for the Lower Abdomen That You Can Do From Home

Legs Up

As you lie flat on your back, leg raises are simple exercises you can do at home to contract your lower abdomen. Straighten your legs and slowly lift them together off the floor. Put them back down without touching the ground then repeat the motion. You can increase the height of your lift as you get used to the routine. After this, you can raise one leg after another as if walking on air. Add variety to these exercises by lifting your hips with your legs to further tighten your lower abdominal muscles. Remember to tuck your hands below your buttocks to aid your back.

Legs Bent

Doing the bicycle crunch is popular for a dynamic lower abs work-out. With hands behind your head, you basically pedal on air to feel your abdomen heating up. Try touching your right elbow with your left knee and vice-versa for an optimum exercise. Reverse crunches are also preferred as you pull your knees up to your chest with the hips leaving the floor. After which, you can stretch your legs without resting on the floor then pull them back up again.

Legs Crossed

This is another version of the leg lift exercises but with an added flavor called the horizontal scissor move. Raise your legs at a 45 degree angle, stretch them to opposite sides, and then alternately cross one leg over the other. Similar to other leg raising exercises, you can do this with your upper body a few inches off the floor or while sitting on a bosu trainer for heightened difficulty.

Legs Shape Up

These exercises involve forming shapes with your legs and upper body. With both limbs up, move them together in a circular motion from left to right. Repeat this several times on the opposite direction. Another shape you can make to build stamina and balance for abdomen core strength is by holding the boat position. While sitting down, raise both legs in a comfortable angle while slanting your upper body back and then stretching your arms forward. The results of this is a V shape with all your muscles working together to squeeze those lower abdominal muscles.

It is important to hold these positions for a longer period than usual while breathing properly during every move. When doing exercises for the lower abdomen, keep in mind that speed is not necessary to accomplish a productive work-out.

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