Elsa Pataky Sexy Abs Pictures

"Elsa Pataky Sexy Abs Pictures"

If you have seen the new movie Fast 5, then you are probably already aware of Elsa Pataky. She was born in Madrid, Spain and while she has been acting for some time now, you probably haven't seen many of her other movies.

Sexy Elsa Pataky pictures

Elsa is widely known in Spain for the TV series Al salir de clase

My bet is that you will begin to see a lot more of her. I first noticed her in Snakes on a Plane.

She is known for her fashion sense and founded her own clothing line called PTKY.

Elsa is speaks multiple languages and is married to Chris Hemsworth (Lead actor in new "Thor" movie)

Some of Elsa Pataky Movies

• Fast Five

• Di Di Hollywood

Snakes on a Plane - Review on Amazon

• Give’em Hell, Malone

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